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The Film Creative is a complete Video Production Service, able to bring your video marketing ideas to life


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The Film Creative supports the need to produce high-end, visually engaging film and video content for agencies, marketing departments and SMEs. Uniquely, the entire production process from initial concept through to production ready media is handled by one contact, ensuring a professional, dedicated and streamlined service.

A fresh approach using new technology, the latest camera equipment and years of experience, adds a personal touch with artistic-empathy to your video strategy.

If you would like to talk to our Creative Director Martin Stonard, go ahead and talk to him on LinkedIn.

Simple, effective,
and powerful communication

The demand for video and the response generated by it, means that video content is one of the most powerful assets to have when reaching out to people in todays markets.

The process of producing new media content for all platforms is individual – viewers are engaged by your film whilst on the move, multi-tasking, viewed on any desktop or mobile device.

High quality, engaging, crystal clear films are the way to go. The Film Creative delivers future-proof HD content, providing you with a comprehensive, yet personal approach to new content generation.

What The Film Creative can do for you:

Image / Instructional Film

Digital Signage Content

Animated Web Elements

Social Media Content

Our thought process is

Technical &Creative

We’ll show you how it’s done, actively encouraging you and your team to develop your own production process:


Brining clarity to a complex product or scenario. Breaking down technical information into video relevant scripts.


Taking an audit of your content allows for clear performance statistics, helping develop a precise content strategy.


It isn’t just about video. Platforms, procedures, targeting and tagging are all part of the strategy. Make your video content work for itself.


We'll help emphasise and translate your personal image, messaging and technical specifics into video formats.


Seeing the end result from an early stage comes with experience. We adopt your audience perspective to develop a clear picture.


Engage the senses of your target market. Thinking outside the box to create original content for any time, location and budget challenges.


Understanding your goals and how you’d like to get there. Standing in the shoes of your customer brings clarity to your video pitch.


Touching stories, appealing causes and energising social media content proactively encourages your call to action engagement.

Lighting the way


Professional qualifications

The Film Creative’s qualifications gained from the “London Academy of Film and Television” means every scenario is assessed for specific lighting requirements. There is no limit to the creative lighting possibilities. 


Versatile equipment

Industry standard LED panels are a controllable light source, low energy consumption, but maximum output. These panels provide a flattering light source that is not over intrusive to the interviewee.


Quality shoots and finish

A major success factor to your film is the carefully selected video kit, providing a movement and finish that will set you apart from your competition, and grab the attention of your new customer base.

Video content for your social channels

Social Media videos need a tailored approach. Incorporating a lead strategy from the get-go they make the difference in an omnipresent brand. Filling your channels with ever changing and surprising video content is our mission. 

Today we are producing videos in 16:9, 1:1 and 9:16 formats, for every given platform. With this approach we are streamlining resources to reach the maximum audience.

Post- production magic

Before After
Before After
Before After

Adding the final touches to your videos will give them the edge to enhance end user engagement. Liaising back with you, we’ll make sure your videos are finished to the highest quality ready to be released to your public channels.

Guten Tag, Hello!

Localising your video content opens the door to engaging with new customers locally. We’re able to provide native German and English speaking services, ensuring a seamless approach to all projects… 

One clear corporate message, worldwide and localised.


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